i make languages (known as conlangs) and often little counterpart lands for them to live in

a priori

  • zadmáh ─ derivationally expressive lang spoken by a hierarchical, taboo-based culture
  • namelang ─ just a naming conlang, really

a posteriori

  • caliprian ─ ie subfamily on mediterranean archipelago
  • vedian ─ ie language on small island in caspian sea
  • vislandic ─ tiny ie language of north-west europe


in probably typical conlanger fashion, behind the above neat little listing stands a colossal graveyard of discarded conlangs. these are a few of the ex-langs that stick in my mind still

  • riyan ─ one of my oldest langs, aka psuedo-celtic mess
  • áucist ─ my first attempt at a polysynthetic lang
  • nkim coʻ ─ minimalist village language